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Visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

One thing you will learn about Myrtle Beach is there is plenty to do while on vacation. We usually take vacation around the 4th of July. Now I will tell you a little bit of information about the 4th of July. It tends to be a little more expensive around that time of the year. Now if you are looking for a great place to stay and a place close to entertainment for you, the kids, or the whole family, you need to check out the Windsurfer Hotel. Its located only a few blocks away from the famous Myrtle Beach Strip. If you are looking for Myrtle Beach resorts all inclusive visit this site. The Strip is a great place to take your family for a day filled of fun. The Windsurfer Hotel offers a wide range of rooms as well as a Indoor/Outdoor pool, Kiddie pool, and Jacuzzi.

Myrtle BeachDid I mention that Windsurfer Hotel is also ocean front? That’s right, it is ocean front with a wide view of that beautiful ocean. The Windsurfer Hotel is also located close to the brand new attraction, The Hard Rock Park. If you are into wild rides, great food, and live entertainment, The Hard Rock Park is the place for you. While on vacation at the Windsurfer Hotel, as I mentioned above, The Strip is only a few blocks away. The Strip offers a wide range of attractions as well as a wide range of Shops. The most common shops on the Strip you will notice will be the Airbrush T-Shirt shops. Hey, we could all use a Myrtle Beach airbrush shirt, right? The Windsurfer Hotel is also close to WalMart, Dollar General, and other retail stores for you needs while staying at The Windsurfer Hotel. It is also close to a huge shopping mall with over 40+ shops. What do we do on vacation that we don’t usually do at home? We eat! Duh! Most places we eat at while on vacation are only located at the place you are on vacation. If you are like me, we only have a few local pizza shops, burger shops and thats about it.

While on vacation at Myrtle Beach, you get to choose from a wide range that can include foods like: Seafood, Mexican, American, Japanese, Chinese. Just about any other culture you can think of will be somewhere on the map at Myrtle Beach. The Windsurfer Hotel is also located only a few blocks away from the famous theme park, Family Kingdom. Family Kingdom ranks among the United States top 50 theme parks. Oh and did I mention it has a water park with it? Speaking of Water Parks, The Windsurfer Hotel is only a few blocks away from some of the best Water Parks around! If you are like me, water parks rule the free world. In conclusion, there are many great places to stay while on vacation in Myrtle Beach. The Windsurfer Hotel happens to be a great place for you and your family to stay while on vacation. The website for the Windsurfer Hotel is For Reservations, call 1-800-789-3123 I hope that while reading this article, you take into consideration that if you want to vacation at Myrtle Beach, The Windsurfer Hotel is a great place for you and your family.

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